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Technical Dictionary

Cross cut - cuts into shreds

Strip cut - cuts into stripes

Auto Oiler - Automatic Blade's Oiling System, which assures maximum durability of the machine 

Energy Smart - saving of energy thanks to zero power consumption in stand-by mode

Shred Guard - Metal Detection Safety System
This system, which detects metal secures Kobra 400 HS-OM shredder from unintentional placing of metal objects into the shredder. The Safety System automatically stops machine's work, thus preventing damages to the cutting system and signalizes with a blue diode the presence of metal

SPPU - Super Potential Power Unit - heavy duty chain drive

System Turbo Power - additional Power boost, which eliminates paper jams

System Throw and Shred - possibility to shred crumbled sheets of paper

DIN 32757 -shredder's standarised security level, which defines the size of shreds or stripes into which the document is shred

DIN 32757 distinguishes 5 main security levels
- level 1, general documents, stripes of the width smaller than 12mm or total shred's surface lower than 2000mm²;
- level 2, internal documents, stripes of the width smaller than 6mm or total shred's surface lower than 800mm²;
- level 3, confidential documents, stripes of the width smaller than 2mm² lub or total shred's surface lower than 320mm², width smaller than 4mm, lenght smaller than 80mm;
- level 4, secret documents, shreds of surface lower than 30mm², width smaller than 2mm, lenght smaller than 15mm;
- level 5, classified documents, shreds of surface lower than 10mm², width smaller than 0,8mm, lenght smaller than 13mm;
Even level 6, with an even smaller shred than in level 5, is proposed
Laminating machines

Reverse Function - allows to reverse the wrongly placed film

Thickness of the laminating pouch film
- stated in microns, selected in reference to the thickness of the laminated document

Super Cut System - special cutting system in Kobra guillotines, based on blades made of unique, durable and specially hardened carbon steel, sharpened at the angle of 65 degrees.

Sheet Pressing System
- may be manual or automatic, makes it easy to place the paper in a stable way and obtain a precise cut

Paper limiter
- allows a precise placing of the paper




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